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SEO Basics

After seeing so many sites with the wrong SEO and other people posting on forums that they can’t get search engine traffic, I thought I’d go over some SEO basics that should be done onsite to help get free targeted traffic for Google, Yahoo, MSN and many other search engines.

I’ll keep it simple, to the point and VERY basic. There are many off site factors as well, but I want to keep this as a short introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so here goes. It’s not really as difficult as you might think it is. You basically tell the search bots what your site is about by having these factors in place…

First, your title (the one in the blue bar) must have the specific keywords that your site is about. If you have a site about work at home ideas (like mine), then you want the keyword phrase “work at home” to be in the title, rather than something like “Dave’s Cool Blog”. Get the idea?

This is VERY important to get right and yet it’s by far the most common mistake I see people make. Too many website owners just put their url in the title, but that’s NOT a phrase surfers will search for, unless they already know your site, in which case they wouldn’t be searching for it, now would they?

Next is content. Make sure it’s relevant to your title and follows naturally. So, the “work at home” blog should have content related to that subject, naturally. Also, you need to target your specific keywords and phrase in your content. Your keyword density should be 2-3% of your content, so for every 100 words you should have your target words mentioned 2-3 times and it should include the keywords from your title as well.

This is a lot more difficult to accomplish in a blog than a static website, as blog content constantly changes much more than an average static site. A simple static site can have a title on top with a header title on the page of the same keywords and then 300 words of intro text that never changes with just the right keyword density. The correct formula will put you on top of the search engines and I’ve done it myself many times. It’s not rocket science and I actually find the formula quite easy to understand. Mostly because it’s about words and I have a university degree that involved a lot of essay writing. Lol!

However, blogs can be trickier. I find that it’s better to treat each blog post as if it was a separate page, because that’s how it can be found when searching. So, your blog post title becomes your main title which will be found in searches. SEO basics, in this case, and then you optimize your keywords according to how much you write for just that post.

Proper tags should be mentioned as well, even though many search engines no longer use them, there are still some that still do, so it couldn’t hurt to keep them in place. Focus on the keyword tags and description and you’ll be fine.

That concludes our SEO basics lesson for today!

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