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Easy SEO Technique To Get To Number One!

Hey! I know SEO can be overwhelming sometimes. There are so many factors and meta tags and optimization techniques and various other things to learn, that it can sometimes seem pretty dense and complicated.

So, today I thought I’d help by giving you a VERY simple and easy technique for getting your site in the #1 position in the search engines for ANY keyword you want!!

It’s a new, super secret metatag that only a few gurus and myself know about. All you have to do is add the tag to the html head section of your site, so it’s really easy to do. Here’s how it works…

The tag looks like any normal one and you form it like so:

meta name=”serp position” number=”1″

and then your keyword tag would look like it already does with your chosen keywords in it. You can change the serp position number to whatever you want, but I recommend “1” if you want to be in the top spot. This works in ALL search engines within 24 hours!! Your site can be #1 for ANY keywords today!!

That’s it! Really simple and easy, right??

Oh, I almost forgot…HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! 😉


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