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Cpalead Payment Proof

As promised, here is my Cpalead payment proof in the form of a scan of my latest check for $441.72 USD (as referenced in my monthy online earnings post). The vast majority of this comes from just a couple of main sites that I have their survey offers on right now, but I’m launching a few new ones, so I expect to hit $1k a month early in the new year.

UPDATE: See a newer earnings check from them here!

Cpalead is an easy way to make money online without selling anything because it’s CPA lead (cost per action) based and not through any sales commissions payout structure. Therefore, you don’t have the usual concerns about sale ratios and conversion rates. All you have to do is give your website visitors something for free and you get paid! If you don’t have a product to offer as a freebie already, then simply get a cheap PLR item or anything with reseller or giveaway rights and use that.

It’s really easy to do and, as always, anyone who signs up under my own Cpalead affiliate page can email me at any time to get mentoring at no charge until you are earning on your own each month. You can’t lose with that deal!

You WILL succeed if you try!!


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Asmodeus

    I have joined cpalead a few months ago but unfortunately i can't break through and make any money with it, i'm in the TV Show niche at the moment and i will like to get some help from you please, can we speak via e-mail ?
    My e-mail is: fplotre@gmail.com

    will be glad if you can help me !
    Thanks !

  3. Jeff Caceres says:


    I have joined CPALeads under your link today. Can you please help me?

    My blog: http://bogartkickerz.blogspot.com
    My e-mail: bogartkick at yahoo dot com

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Anonymous says:

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