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Offerpal Payment Proof

I just got my first check from Offerpalmedia, so I thought I’d post it here. This is a company I just started using on a couple of my sites and I wasn’t sure if they paid or not, but now that I know they DO pay I will be ramping up my promotions more for them in the coming weeks.

They payout in net15 terms, which is cool because I’ll get money from them every 2 weeks, instead of having to wait a month or two, like you do for so many other networks. This Offerpal payment proof check image is for a 14 day period in the amount of $684.37 and is generated from social networking sites and Facebook applications, which is a hot trend right now.

I’ll be writing more about trends, and how to take advantage of them, in a future post. For now I have have some more promoting to do…

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