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Facebook Money Methods

How to make money on Facebook is easier than you might expect, and there are people who regularily make 4 figures DAILY using this site. While I haven’t quite made it to that point yet, my best day so far was $561 last week and that’s not bad at all, right??

To do well it’s important to first understand that all the best Facebook money methods revolve around one basic concept: “have fun”. People go on FB to have a good time, to play games, chat with friends, and post pictures of them having a blast at parties. This is your core audience…remember that. They don’t want to be bored to tears with a sales pitch about some crappy program you are promoting that doesn’t appeal to them at all. Leave the MLM junk at the webmaster forums. FB fans want fun!!

So, what can you do to make money on Facebook? Well, many things, including creating your own game application, and then monetizing that with Cpalead, Offerpal, Cubics, Rockyou ads, or even Adsense, although I only suggest something like that for extra income and not as your main source on the app. Now, before you scoff that you could never create a game yourself, let me just say that there are plenty of places where you can buy premade apps online that you can use for exactly this purpose.

I only paid $20 for mine and then another $15 for a nice looking landing page made to my specifications (I’m not a graphics guy, so I hired someone) and about $60 for initial promotion. So, for about $100 in investment I made so far over $2000 in revenue. Not bad at all. Setting up a Facebook app is a bit more complicated than installing a script for a normal website, but you’ll get instructions with whatever one you choose, so follow them carefully.

One extra tip is to choose your application name wisely when signing it up at Facebook, as like Twitter, the url created to it will be whatever you choose and that should have a keyword in it. Do NOT call it “Myapp” or something similar, but instead call it “dragonrpg” or whatever, as the url created will get good SERP’s in the SE’s according to the name, since FB has strong authority.

Other methods you can try are creating funny groups and fan pages around either a cute picture, joke, quote, movie, tv show or anything like that. Think entertainment. You want to entertain people who will recommend your page to all their friends to give you that wonderful viral effect that FB is known for. This is how people gain massive amounts of traffic from members joining their fanpage or group. I’ve seen MANY of these with over 100,000 or even a million fans to a page that is just one funny pic…that’s it! It’s as simple as that!

So, once you have a few thousand fans, then what do you do? Well, a couple of important things. One, you can send messages to your new member base suggesting a website to visit (yours) or post a status update about the same thing. FB has a cool function in the status updates that automatically gives site info when you input a url.

Second, you can SELL these message spots and updates to others for good money. There are plenty of webmasters fighting to get good spots on a large group who will see their website ad posted in the status area. I know one guy who quit everything else he was doing online and selling FB updates is solely what he does now…at $60 a pop…several times every day. You do the math!

Basically there are several ways to take advantage of the viral functionality of Facebook…you just gotta be creative. Too many people complain that they can’t make money there, but yet the only thing they’ve ever tried is paying for those ads on the side. Those don’t work unless you have a huge budget behind you and are willing to take a loss at first, because people need to see them several times to become familiar with them before they’re willing to support whatever it is you’re selling. That’s how marketing works. Everyone trusts a name they’ve seen many times before over something unheard of.

I’ll leave you with one last thought. One game app, called Farmville, recently hit over 80 million players (probably 100 mill as I write this) and a few days ago had even surpassed Google for most hits on that day. The company behind it, Zynga, is raking in the dough…wouldn’t you like a piece of that pie??? Sure you would!! Go get it!!

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