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Adult Affiliate Programs Payment Proof

I don’t want to spend too much time talking about adult content because I know it may offend some of my readers, but in an effort to show full disclosure of my various online income revenue streams I though it was necessary to show payment proof from my adult affiliate programs as well (Two sources from last week are shown above). These checks tend to be smaller, not because sex doesn’t sell (because it most certainly still does!), but because the payouts are more frequent.

CCbill, which is the largest payment processor for this type of content, will send out a check every week as long as you meet the $25 minimum threshold. The nice thing about them is that they do the processing for many sponsors and they all can be combined, which means if you don’t make the payout threshold for one sponsor you can still get paid by combining several of them! I get about $100 each time, so it’s a cool extra $300-400 a month with little effort.

I have a simple page set up explaining some of the best adult affiliate programs here and the newest player in the field, adultaccessnow, is worth a look if you already have a site set up that you want to monetize easily.

Fire off an email to me if you need any help getting started!

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