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Matomy Payment Proof

Here is a screenshot of my Matomy payment proof for my $1323.60 worth of earnings from the previous 2 week period. They pay out every two weeks and this is my 2nd payout from them.

They are a CPA company, but the thing I like best about them is they have the nicest looking offerwall I’ve seen so far. All the others are trying too hard to blend in with the Facebook design because they are mostly used on apps there, but Matomy’s grid looks great on standalone sites as well, which is important when you have a reward site network like I do. It’s easy to configure as well to fit your own page dimensions.

They also have lots of great survey offers that you can promote to your site members to keep them happy (and you in the money, of course!). Recommended!!


  1. Congratulations! More than a thousand bucks in a couple of weeks, these guys sure rock! Is that an earning for a single site or for network of sites collectively? Oh man, that's a lot of money if I'd have to convert that in my currency, haha.

    Thanks again for again, you sure rock!


  2. Asmodeus says:

    It's from 3 sites I use on that network, although one of the sites makes 90% of the income. The other 2 still need to be built up more.

    Good luck on your new blog! You're awesome!! 🙂

  3. Great job indeed! Thanks for sharing..

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