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Adbrite Payment Proof

Here is my Adbrite payment proof from last month that just arrived in the mail today. The check was for $88.20, which isn’t huge, but not bad considering I really only use them on 1 site. I’ve only bothered to put them on 2 sites of mine, but 99% of the revenue is just from the one that gets around 3000 views a day. The 2nd site earns maybe a buck or so a month from it. They pay monthly and checks are issued in the 1st half of every month.

While Adbrite is easily one of the best known and most common Adsense alternatives, I’m still on the fence about them. They seem to pay a little higher than Adsense for North American clicks, but not so great for international traffic. Also, their ads really work best with a certain kind of audience, as they seem to all be amateur looking banners for weightloss and how to make money online.

As with any CPC based network, make sure you experiment with ad placement and keep an eye on the CTR as you move them around. A 250×250 banner above the fold seems to work best, but you might find a good 160×600 sidebar ad that works better for you.

Good luck!

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