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Free Website Traffic Offer

I sometimes give newbies a hard time about not having their own website with an original domain because the reality is that it’s MUCH easier to promote something when you have control over your own content, meta tags, ad placement, etc. Promoting ANY program, opportunity, product, affiliate link or whatever is harder when so many other people are doing it. The advantage comes with creating your own site that is well optimized through SEO for your keywords and that contains your own ads placed on it.

It’s not nearly as complicated as it might sound at first. You simply buy a $10 .com domain from a registrar like Godaddy (specials can be found through the banner on the right) and then get a basic “unlimited” hosting plan to host your site files (such as the Bluehost “unlimited” plan, also on the left). That way you can always expand your online “empire” in the future and the cost won’t increase at all, as your hosting provides free scripts to build sites (including forums, blogs, classified sites and more), plus your own personal email addresses so you have that professional edge over your competition.

To get you started I have worked out a deal where you can get free traffic to kick start your shiny new site, once you have it setup on your new hosting plan. You can read the details at the free website traffic offer here. The visits are good for getting a targeted visitor flow going right away, so you don’t have to worry about the usual wait time or exhausting promotions to get a fresh website “off the ground”.

Good luck!!


  1. Austin SEO says:

    Very useful ideas especially for new website owners. But I still believe that the buck stops with you, the content that you put on your site will determine the number of visitors on your site.

  2. Keno Black says:

    This looks like a good deal. I'm about to launch a site but need traffic to kick start it.

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