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Traffic Buying Guide

While I believe firmly that good SEO efforts provide the best quality traffic you can get online, I also know that many people find it difficult to understand and not everyone can be in the top 10 for their keywords. Sometimes it’s just easier to simply buy traffic for a website (I recommend http://www.proexpertstraffic.com/order.html) then it is to wait several months or even years for SEO to pay off. However, it’s also been my experience that at least 90% of traffic buyers have no idea what they’re doing and are bound to fail without proper preparation. For this reason I have decided to write this short traffic buying guide in an effort to help those still struggling with trying to generate visits to their site.

Optimize your landing page or squeeze page: Do NOT send paid traffic to a blog or page full of distracting links! In almost all cases, except for a TE or PTC, visitors you pay for will come from some form of redirection or pop advertising, which means that someone looking at another site will be shown YOUR site and you have a mere couple of seconds to grab their attention before they decide to explore further or click out and leave forever. That’s the reality.

You don’t want that potential customer to be faced with dozens of links first thing and have no idea what your site is about. Use a clean, simple graphic with a bold headline and brief description with a distinct call to action, such as to join a mailing list for a free giveaway, or mention a special discount, etc. Tell the visitor exactly WHY they should explore your site further. You don’t need to change your site at all, as you can simply add a page to your existing site that you specifically use for your traffic campaign.

This may sound strange, but try to make your page look somewhat like an ad. People are used to ads on websites, and are generally ok with them, as long as they fit the user experience and have added value. So, for example, if someone is visiting an arcade online because they want to play a game, then they aren’t going to be interested in being redirected to your insurance blog, but if you create a landing page of just one game, or theme, with the call to “Click Here To Play Now!” then they are more likely to check it out, as you’ve gained their attention, even if it looks like an ad to visit another site.

Also, do not use a page or site with automatically playing sound or that has pop ups. It annoys the visitor and makes them click away before they even get chance to read what you have to offer them.

Use targeted traffic correctly!! – Most people get this one wrong, as it’s not always obvious. The average traffic buyer will buy health traffic to a website selling health related products, or dating traffic to a dating site affiliate link, etc, because that seems like the most logical choice. However, online marketing is much different and involves a certain degree of trial and error, as well as proper research.

Did you know that the highest conversion rates for diet products online come from white males over the age of 50? This is because many of them are self-conscious of their midlife “spare tire” and would rather work on it discreetly at home than go to a gym full of fit 20-30 year olds or be seen running around the block with their belly hanging out. So, they order pills online shipped directly to their door.

Therefore, with that demographic as your potential customer, it’s your job as the marketer to target the right category most visited by these older males, such as news, politics, golf, etc. Do the research BEFORE starting your campaign!

Promote a product that is worth the investment! – Here’s another one people miss. Purchasing traffic costs money, so obviously you should be promoting a product or service that provides a reasonable ROI (return on investment). By far the most common question people ask before buying traffic is “Is it safe to use with Adsense?” and the answer is it doesn’t matter because you shouldn’t be using Adsense when buying visits because it doesn’t pay enough to be worth it…ever. I don’t care if your niche pays $2 per click or whatever it is…most visitors simply won’t click third party ads on a redirected site, so the 1 or 2 clicks you MAY get (if you’re extremely lucky) simply aren’t worth the overall cost of a typical campaign.

What you should be using instead is a high end product with a decent profit margin, so that even if the conversion rate is low, then you still come out ahead. A good example would be using some of the advertisers on Commission Junction that pay $100+ per lead. Pick one with a good conversion rate (high EPC shown in their stats over 3 months AND at least something showing for the past 7 days). Then create a catchy landing page for it and research possible categories and demographics to target.

Once you are ready then buy a small campaign of 5000 or 10000 visitors to test response to your page. If there is no response at first then tweak the page or switch categories until you get a few “bites” and scale it up. For example, if you get 2 leads per 10k, then 100k would give you 10 times that, or 20 leads, more or less. If even just 2 of those “qualify” (most advertisers scrub leads and will find a way not to pay for them…that’s life, so just assume it will happen), then you’ve earned $200+ from a $160 investment for $40+ profit. That’s not bad considering many power sellers are scrapping out a living on Ebay at only 3% profit, or others using programs online that only pay out 2% or less.

Be realistic – This should be a “no brainer”, but yet it still needs to be said. Don’t expect to make $100 off 5 bucks worth of traffic! It just doesn’t work that way. I’ve seen customers complain that they didn’t make a sale from their tiny 1000 visitor campaign to their site stuffed full of random ads, while I have other customers order 100k worth of traffic consistantly month after month because they know how it works and what to do with it. The truly successful sites are the ones getting 1000’s of visits per DAY, not 1000 per month.

Small campaigns of under 10k are used for testing purposes only and should not be assumed to bring sales, especially to unoptimized pages. Any sales you may get should be seen as unusual and good luck, but don’t expect miracles. Get 5 or 10k to test your page to see how effective it is first, and THEN scale according to your results.

Also, paid traffic typically has a high bounce rate, as it is not organic and only the truly interested visitors will explore your site further, and THOSE people are the ones you should concentrate your efforts on. A 90%+ bounce rate is common, but it’s the 5-10% who stay, especially from a large campaign, that will make the difference. A high bounce rate WILL NOT affect your Google ranking in any way, as they only measure the rate from visitors through their own search engine. Outside stats like this have no affect, so don’t worry about that and start working on your new customers instead. Plus, it should be a given that anyone buying visitors isn’t already doing well in the SE’s anyway, or why would they bother?

Bottom Line: Research, optimize, test, tweak, then do the math and scale your efforts accordingly. I personally use an advertiser on CJ that pays $110 per lead that converts at 2-3 per 100,000 visitors. That’s $60-170 profit per campaign!

Good luck!!


  1. Pritish Roy says:

    Is there any way to buy targeted traffic to website and not to harm google adsense? I know google is changing it's algorithm everyday, if i buy traffic would that affect my adsense? I am making money at home jobs. and from adsense. I want to earn more.

  2. Asmodeus says:

    The simple answer is don't use Adsense. There are other things that will work much better, and make more money, with paid traffic, such as targeted affiliate ads.

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