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Fiverr Has Some Of The Dumbest Buyers Ever!

Ok, this will be a bit of a rant, but cathartic for me at least, so please hang in there!

I’ve done fairly well on Fiverr with over $8000 in sales in the past year and for the most part it’s been a really great experience. However, even though 99% of the buyers are a pleasure to deal with, the bad ones, on the other hand, tend to be REALLY bad over there. I’ve written about one experience in this post, but here are a few quick examples of other dumbasses on Fiverr…drum roll please!

– The most common problem seems to be buyers who don’t respond after placing an order. It’s so common that it’s already a dropdown menu option in the support form. At first I thought it was really bizarre that someone would pay for something and then never follow through by giving instructions on what they want done, so I used to cancel the order and issue a refund. Not anymore. Now I just mark it complete with no need to deliver anything…free money for me! Thanks guys!!

– Users who complain to me that their order hasn’t started, when they haven’t even placed one with me in the first place! I get one of these once in awhile and got one today from a user who complained he never got any visitors to his site, while quoting my “guitar lessons” gig…lol. While I do sell traffic on Fiverr, this dummy had never purchased from me ever. Maybe he thought I was psychic??

– I have a popular gig with almost $2000 in sales that can get overwhelming sometimes, so I state twice in the gig description that the potential buyer must contact me FIRST before ordering, as I may be unable to do it at that time, yet only maybe 20% actually do. I’ve had to cancel orders many times because of this. C’mon, buyers! Is it really that hard to read and understand a description?

– Those buyers who leave negative feedback without contacting me first to resolve it. In all cases except one it was just a miscommunication or something they did not understand. I have no problem issuing refunds either, but contact me first!

My personal award for the dumbest buyer on Fiverr goes to username “doculeak” though. This idiot placed an order with me for my signups gig, in which I post his link on my GPT site for my members to signup to and I reward them with points for doing so. When the link is placed I give the buyer a test login to my site where they can see that their link has been placed on the member only page without needing to join my site, if they don’t want to. Most buyers just need to verify that it’s there and don’t want to bother joining a site just for that.

My gig description explains exactly that and yet this nimrod posted a negative review within a few minutes of me posting it saying there was no place to login and that it was fake “BS” information that any kid could do! Say what????? He said he couldn’t find the login to my site, even though it’s CLEARLY posted at the top, like on most websites.

So, I wrote to him pointing out where it is and asking him to remove the negative feedback, as it was just a misunderstanding on his part, but instead he left ANOTHER bad one saying my site is a pay site and it wanted him to pay, which it clearly is not. It’s a free to join GPT site. Nothing complicated about that.

He was the only buyer for that gig ever who didn’t understand the instructions…the ONLY one out of almost 400 buyers for that one particular gig who couldn’t simply find the login and check his link, like everyone else had done. I seriously was floored that anyone could be that idiotic and unreasonable. Nothing he said made any sense at all. I thought it might just be a language barrier, but he appears to understand what English is, and can use the words, so it may be a visual thing where he doesn’t understand what he sees. He claims to do SEO work, but he wouldn’t be very good at it, if this is any indication. He kinda looks like one of those Jersey Shore douchebags on his profile pic, so maybe he really is just that stupid.

Anyway, rant over. Ahhhh…that felt good! If you are a seller on Fiverr and have any “dumb buyer” stories yourself that you’d like to share, then feel free to comment below. Get it all out…I promise you’ll feel better!!


  1. Itin says:

    I've never used Fiverr seriously, so, I've never made money. Do you have suggestions on what is the easiest gig to attract buyers?

  2. Asmodeus says:

    Offer anything that makes life easier for the buyer, but is also easy for you to complete in no more than a few minutes. Automated software services do well and require little effort. For example, many people might not pay 100 bucks to buy SEO software, but would pay 5 bucks for someone else to use it to help their site. So, you simply buy the software yourself and offer the service. After 25 sales (at $4 profit per sale) your purchase is paid for and every sale after that is all profit for just a few minutes work on each order. Easy money!

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