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AdHitProfits Payment Proof (Case Study Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here.

Ok, so 3 days have past since I first purchased my revshares at AdHitProfits.com and I’ve already made 2 withdrawals. The 1st was just a small one for $15.50 to make sure they paid, and the 2nd was for $40.17 and each withdrawal was instant, as they pay instantly via your choice of either Payza or SolidtrustPay.

adhitprofits payment proof

In this Adhitprofits dashboard screenshot you can see the completed payment proof and I have extended the shot left so you can see the exact time to show that payout arrived just a few seconds after I clicked the “withdraw” button.

So far I haven’t had any issues in this program, except for a slow down of earnings on the weekend, as less people are online, but that’s true of any member based site, including my own. I’m actually looking forward to the week ahead!

I’ve also noticed that many members suggest an 80/20 ratio, by repurchasing new shares with 80% of your earnings and withdrawing the remaining 20%. This allows your account to grow with more shares, so you earn more money, while still getting back a percentage to pay yourself. It does work well that way, so I reccommend doing the same.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that other new ad revenue sharing programs have quickly sprung up following the huge success of AHP, but none of them seem to have the same stability, as the others are disorganized and don’t seem to be prepared for any long term sustainability. The most popular among them is UTSprofitads, which I did join and will post about later, but they are in prelaunch until July 30th, so they are still making adjustments to their revshare plan.

For me it’s important to point out here that I’m not a “fanboy’ of any particular program of any kind and I’m all about what works and earns money, so none of my posts are of the biased fake “review” style you see for everything online just to get referrals. In fact, unlike other things you might join, referrals are NOT an important part of these revenue sharing PTA (Paid To Advertise) websites. These are not PTC sites where you need refs or a huge downline to earn any decent amount. Here, you earn the most based on YOUR shares, not what others bring in under you. With that being the case, I will tell you EXACTLY what I think of something, good or bad. I’m not one to hype or sugarcoat anything.

So far, so good. I will post part 3 after I’ve been in it at least a couple of weeks.


EARNING DISCLAIMER:: Funds rendered with AdHitProfits is in no way an investment. Funds rendered are for the purchase of ad sales and marketing. Dollar amounts will vary based on total ad sales every 30 minutes. This does not imply similar results..

Like anything online, you must be proactive to achieve results. Simply joining a site and doing nothing will earn you nothing. Remember that you get out of life what you put into it!

Enjoy the start of summer!

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