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Adhitprofits Revshare Case Study Conclusion

Ok, it has now been exactly one full month since I started this case study on the Adhitprofits program (and other revenue sharing PTA programs at the same time), so I feel confident in drawing my conclusions at this point.


Due to the enormous initial success of AHP lots of copycat sites started (literally 1-3 per day!), but they were run by scammers or inexperienced admins and ran into problems quickly, including one that stalled within 5 minutes of launch (Adhitsrev…AVOID!!). However, because of greed to make more with all the clones, AHP members began withdrawing their funds from AHP to put into the shiny new ones and that started it’s decline, as the resulting slowdown of earnings fed even further fear to not repurchase at AHP and so the downward trend continued in this cycle.

When program earnings started to slow down (as they eventually all do), I noticed the “cheerleaders” in the MMG forums parrot that 1% or less daily is still better than what you’d get at a bank, but realistically, unless you live in a volatile country, your bank will still be there holding your money safely a year later, whereas most website schemes have a 2-6 month shelf life, if it even gets past the first week. You don’t see many last beyond a year, so you really need to use a “get in and get out” profit plan, which I admit does contribute toward a faster program decline, but it’s YOUR money you need to be concerned about…not everyone else’s. Even the cheers have gone quiet in the forums lately because they have finally realized it’s over.

Yes, I’m fully aware that, in theory, AHP would grow and thrive if everyone stuck with it as a team, but that simply doesn’t happen in reality. The reality is that people get bored and move on to the next big thing and others jump ship when they see less earnings than the day before. It’s just like a typical referral. Yes, they WILL increase your earnings, but only if they’re active. Having a non-active referral is the same as having none at all, so if everyone doesn’t work together, then the program dies. Simple, really. I recommend not joining ANY program if you don’t plan to work it to your own benefit, although it may be too late to save this one.


In an effort to boost the program the admin implemented a new feature yesterday where you click a treasure chest icon to view a site and maybe win a 4 cent “prize”. Oh boy!! This is beginning to feel more like a PTC every day. Truth is I hate PTC sites and gave up that crap years ago where you click your fingers sore for pennies per day, but that’s where this has headed. Originally Adhitprofits was a great concept where you bought effective advertising (banners, PPC text ads) and also received a cut of the ad profits to earn while advertising, but the earning has been reduced to pennies per day AND you still have to click 10 ads a day just to get that, so now it’s just a PTC where the ad share cost is like a membership fee. No thanks. I personally I hate the surf requirement. Yuck.

The admin, Charles Scoville, will adapt and survive, while the members are stuck with ad shares that have no hope of expiring. Fans were applauding him, but a simple investigation shows that he has started programs before that die after 2-3 months and then he simply restarts with another one. His revshare before Adhitprofits was called “Banrev” and it stalled the very month before AHP was launched which leads me to conclude that he was already planning AHP as he watched the Banrev well dry up.

The right thing to do would be to offer the option to those who want to withdraw the money they have tired up in it to be able to take their remaining funds and leave, if they want to. Some people will still want to stay on a sinking ship, in case a miracle happens, but at least give people the option to decide for themselves. The admin made his profit, as did many others, so give the losers a little dignity to at least get what they can out of it without the minimum withdraw limit in place. Even Charles, in his last couple of newsletters has been pushing AHP as an advertising platform now instead of a revenure sharing program. It is now something different than when it started.

In fairness, I don’t actually think it’s the admin’s fault it’s dying, as all the other revshare programs are meeting, or have met, the same fate. There’s just not enough dollars to go around and people jump from one bandwagon to another and that’s just the reality of these money games. My own suggestion to keep the program alive is to lower the share cost from $45 to maybe $15 or $20, at the most, as the lower entry level would allow more people to participate, which would, in turn, bring in even more members through their referrals. Programs like Revadsnetwork (payment proof here) are still doing well at only $2.50 per ad pack because far more people can afford to join and they offer good advertising value as well.


I was one of the lucky ones who just about broke even. I wasn’t in early enough to make a profit before everything went south, but I put in $180 and withdrew $105.09, so I technically lost about 75 bucks, although some of my banner ads there made some residual sales that brought me closer to the BEP and I’m waiting on my last $10 withdrawal now, so overall I’m ok with it. It may rebound but right now I cant recommend it, as there are better places to spend your money wisely. I’ll write an updated post if things change.

Revshare players will hate me for saying this, but your best bet is to be a “hit and run” participant where you get in on day one, make your profit, and then get out. Yes, I know it’s bad for everyone else, but these kinds of programs simply never last long enough for you to be a long term participant. It’s just not sustainable in reality, no matter how much they cheer that it is, and the members using a HAR strategy (and ref hounds) are the only ones I see making big money. The little player is left losing money so the big ones can gain from their loss. Name me ONE online program that has lasted over a year AND is still paying out at 2%+ daily and I’ll consider long term stability, but I haven’t seen any yet.

So, my conclusion is that, as before, I still hate joining programs, but I wanted to try putting together this experiment just to see if I was somehow missing something by not joining them. However, I still prefer putting my money into my own website offering a product or service for a higher return, but that involves work and effort, which many people don’t seem willing to do, as they prefer looking for an “easy” way to earn online. These revshare sites are good for those people. If you would prefer working someone else’s program to make the admin and big players rich, instead of creating your own, and want the easiest return on your money, then this is perfect for you, but get in early before the well dries up.

My next case study will be on HYIP sites. Oh joy…

Learn. Adapt. Survive.

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