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Adblessed Hells Kitchen Launch

On Saturday, the 24th, Adblessed is launching a short term money maker called Hells Kitchen. This will be a seperate revshare from their long term, stable one and is only meant for a short term gain. Those who play a good strategy should earn some good coin for a day or so.

You can join Adblessed here and choose the longer, safer program at $8 per ad pack that pays out at 125% ($10 – maturing for me so far at a rate of 4-5 days) or play the Hell’s Kitchen game this weekend at $10 a pack for 136% return. There is a repurchase rule in both plans to ensure stability, so plan your strategy accordingly.

I’ve learned with revshares that in order to earn a lot and fast you need to be there right AT LAUNCH….not the next day, or 6 hours later…at EXACTLY 1pm EST on Saturday. If you are reading this on Monday then ignore the fast plan, as it will already be too late, but you can still join the regular long term plan for stable earnings. The signup link is the same for both, and then you choose your plan in the member area.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I’m looking forward to another profitable weekend 🙂

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