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Adblessed Payment Proof

adblessed payment proof

I have just received the first payment from the Adblessed revshare program I joined a few days ago. My payout request was for just over $12 and there is a 4% withdraw fee, which made it a total of $11.83. Since there is no deposit fee then it works out even in the end.

I have combined the notification email from Adblessed with the “money received” one from SolidTrustPay (STP) into one image to show more easily that the payment numbers match. The STP username for the Adblessed admin is “NewYorkFortunes”.

So far the program works great and the “Hell’s Kitchen” plan on the weekend was a huge success. They now intend to run HK every week as an earnings booster for the main AB program and I think that’s a wonderful idea. The biggest problem with a revenue sharing program is that they stall out eventually and then return pennies, so it’s up to a good admin to think of ideas to keep the momentum going, and this one works.

The next HK booster is this coming Monday, September 2nd…see you there!!! Click here to join!

UPDATE: This program has now ended. The admin sent out a newsletter about closing this one and opening a new site and plan in a few weeks time. I’ll write a new post about it once I know more.

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