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Another Clickbank Payment Proof Check Scan

I’ve been paid by Clickbank many times, mostly for game guides sales as both an affiliate and as a vendor, but my last payment proof post was 2 years ago here and I posted it just to show that they are legit and I was paid. However, recently there was a forum thread asking if they were still paying and if anyone was still making money there.

The answer is, of course, YES, and so I decided to make an updated post showing a scan of my most recent check as proof that I still earn with Clickbank. The amount is $132.55 for the past 2 weeks, as they pay bi-weekly. It’s not riches, but just one of the many networks and revenue streams I use to earn money online.

I’d also like to add that CB significantly improved their marketplace listings in 2013 and is not as full of the spammy crap that had turned off a lot of people years ago. Yes, there is still a lot of overhyped product pages there, but it’s improved somewhat and there are many good things to promote there now, if you know what to look for.

Good luck in your search and happy earnings!!

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