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Welcome The Dogecoin Cryptocurrency!

dogecoin-alfacashier In an update to my previous post here, I noticed that, just a few days ago, ALFAcashier has welcomed Dogecoin in their currency exchange. So, what is this all about?

Dogecoin is one of the most popular new cryptocurrencies, as it reaches a higher demographic than Bitcoin. Being around since just December 2013, it’s growth has been fierce! Since that time last year it has almost TRIPLED its value; going from just $0.00026 up to an astounding $0.00095 within 72hrs!

Though they’re not real, physical coins you can hold, the production of them is steadily expanding rapidly, as there is expected to be at least 100 billion coins in the online circuit by the end of this year, plus a further 5.2 billion coins put on the market every year thereafter. As it stands right now, there have been over 65 billion Dogecoins mined, and put out in circulation.

Being much like Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency fluctuates up and down, much like stocks do. Some days are more valuable than others, as the worth rises and falls at different times. You can exchange Doge coin to other cryptocurrencies with very little issue through your online wallet. Your electronic funds are easily managed through ALFAcashier! It’s free to join, and you only pay a small fee for commission when you withdraw.

Many online businesses are using a variety of online currencies for payment options, including Dogecoin. The more options they have for their customers, the better they can provide their services. There are only a few ATM’s available, however in time that will grow as well. Having instant access to your electronic funds, and being able to do a bank transfers with ease, makes it a great experience.

As with Bitcoin, it’s easy to manage your funds and you’ll see more and more of these as the online economy expands, as a response to the problems apparent in the offline economic turmoil.

As a final note, it’s important to get in EARLY, as we’ve seen previously with Bitcoin, as you do NOT want to “miss the bus” as this continues to explode in growth, and, as always, ALFAcashier is your best place to keep track of it all. Recommended!!

Check out the UK press release here.

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