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Google Adsense Payment Proof Check

I got my Google Adsense check for the month in the mail today, so I thought I’d do a quick scan of it to post here. As usual, all identifying information has been cropped out (such as bank numbers) or concealed due to privacy reasons (there are strict laws for that where I live in Canada). It’s for $134.03

I only present payment proof like this solely to show you that a program is legit and does pay and to show my own proof of income to back up what I wrote in previous posts about it. There are so many “make money online” (MMO) blogs out there written by scammers who actually aren’t making ANYTHING online, that I wanted to set myself apart from them by proving that I know what I’m talking about.

I’m truly amazed by complete newbies who start up an MMO site, but have no idea what they’re doing. They’ve been told (lied to) that it’s easy money to simply create a free blog and put up some links and banners on it and suddenly the money comes rolling in…WRONG!! How can you tell someone the RIGHT way to earn an income online if you haven’t actually done so yourself? Think about it.

Creating a banner farm of ads trying to get others to join your various PTC’s and MLM schemes is NOT going to earn you a living wage income! Sure, you may get a few sign ups and a few pennies here and there, but that’s peanuts compared to what you COULD be making by reading and learning about what works and what doesn’t from someone like myself who has tried pretty much everything there is on the net.

Read. Learn. Adapt. Survive.

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Adsense Proof Of Earnings

I’m showing a pic of my adsense proof of earnings today for a few reasons. One, because a member of the LR forum seems to think that Google is running an adsense scam and that they don’t actually pay anyone ever. I thought this was a bit silly and I told him so, but he wants to see proof, so here you go…

This is the check I received yesterday for money earned up to the end of July. They issue checks at the end of every month for the amount made up to the month before, as long as you reach the $100 minimum payout. I just made it this time with $110 earned!

I blocked out any identification numbers and I put a piece of paper with my site url written on it instead of my name so you would know it was posted on this blog first, in case someone tries to steal the pic for their own site “proof”. I think that’s better than a photo of some smiling guy holding a check for 40k in his hand…you know the one I’m talking about. I’m too homely to pull that off! lol

If you noticed, there are NO Adsense ads at all on this blog though. That’s because of all the cheaters and scammers going around committing click fraud by asking people to click on their ads if you click on theirs. I prefer to earn money online the honest way, so I don’t want any part of those schemes and I’ve removed Adsense from this blog to prevent anyone from trying that here.

I’m an Adwords user as well, and these cheating idiots can affect your campaigns with inflated clicks that have no value to you as an advertiser. If you cheat the system you WILL get caught and your account will be banned, so just don’t do it! There are far too many legitimate ways to earn money online than to resort to cheating.

The other reason for posting the adsense proof picture is to give more transparency to my readers who follow my rantings. I know it’s not always easy to believe what someone says if it’s just typing and so this is my response to the “show me the money” request.

In the future I will be posting more pics and screenshots to prove more of what I have been saying all along…you CAN earn money online!!

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