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Buy Aged Youtube Accounts To Help Rank Your Videos

youtube-accounts SEO has changed a lot in the past couple of years and lots of online marketers are finding it quite difficult to rank anything well these days. Since SEO technically just means Search Engine Optimization, then you don’t really need to be restricted by the whims of the ever-changing Google rules. You can optimize for ANY site that has a search function.

The most popular site to rank in, next to Google, is YouTube. MANY marketers love marketing affiliate products to the You Tube audience, as it is vast and marketing videos are fairly easy to make. However, the biggest hurdle (besides competition) is using a solid account that is not flagged for spamming. Lots of marketers use the spam approach of creating 100’s of new accounts to upload 100’s of videos in hopes that some of them stay up. That’s not really effective anymore.

Nowadays it’s better to use an AGED account of a few years old to upload your promo videos in, so it doesn’t appear to Youtube that you just created an account for the purpose of spamming. These older accounts are FAR more effective when promoting and ranking a video there.

You really only need 1 or 2 accounts instead of 100’s and you can buy these aged YouTube accounts for just a few bucks by clicking through the Bonanza marketplace link below to purchase from the only seller there who currently provides them.


Now go upload your Clickbank or other affiliate product videos and watch the money roll in. Marketing on YT is one of the few effective methods that still works online anymore.

Have a great day!

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SEOclerks Affiliate Store Script

SEOclerks has an awesome affiliate program where you get 10% of all sales for the life of the buyer FOREVER. That’s a pretty sweet deal! However, you’ll need a good script to create a store that looks pleasant and well organized.

I recommend using the best affiliate store script found right on SEO clerks, as it looks great and has customizable features such as category configuration and good sized thumbnail images.

You can view a full website demo of it here (owned by a friend of mine). Check out the screenshots below:


As you can see, it’s very clean looking and not ugly and cluttered like others I’ve seen. So, ready to earn good money online?

CLICK HERE to go to the script sales page now!

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Another Clickbank Payment Proof Check Scan

I’ve been paid by Clickbank many times, mostly for game guides sales as both an affiliate and as a vendor, but my last payment proof post was 2 years ago here and I posted it just to show that they are legit and I was paid. However, recently there was a forum thread asking if they were still paying and if anyone was still making money there.

The answer is, of course, YES, and so I decided to make an updated post showing a scan of my most recent check as proof that I still earn with Clickbank. The amount is $132.55 for the past 2 weeks, as they pay bi-weekly. It’s not riches, but just one of the many networks and revenue streams I use to earn money online.

I’d also like to add that CB significantly improved their marketplace listings in 2013 and is not as full of the spammy crap that had turned off a lot of people years ago. Yes, there is still a lot of overhyped product pages there, but it’s improved somewhat and there are many good things to promote there now, if you know what to look for.

Good luck in your search and happy earnings!!

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Adult Affiliate Programs Payment Proof

I don’t want to spend too much time talking about adult content because I know it may offend some of my readers, but in an effort to show full disclosure of my various online income revenue streams I though it was necessary to show payment proof from my adult affiliate programs as well (Two sources from last week are shown above). These checks tend to be smaller, not because sex doesn’t sell (because it most certainly still does!), but because the payouts are more frequent.

CCbill, which is the largest payment processor for this type of content, will send out a check every week as long as you meet the $25 minimum threshold. The nice thing about them is that they do the processing for many sponsors and they all can be combined, which means if you don’t make the payout threshold for one sponsor you can still get paid by combining several of them! I get about $100 each time, so it’s a cool extra $300-400 a month with little effort.

I have a simple page set up explaining some of the best adult affiliate programs here and the newest player in the field, adultaccessnow, is worth a look if you already have a site set up that you want to monetize easily.

Fire off an email to me if you need any help getting started!

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