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MyVoucherGeek CPA Postback Files

This is just a quick post to let people know that I’m offering to sell the postback files I’ve created for the following CPA networks: Gwallet, Offerpal (now called “Tapjoy”), Matomy and Sponsorpay. These will ONLY work with the “MyVoucherGeek” reward script, which comes with the Cpalead postback.php file by default, and many rewards site owners aren’t even aware that you can use OTHER ad networks with this script as well!

These postback files were modified by me to each work with their respective CPA network callback parameters and I include instructions for setting it up, which is very straightforward. I’m also here to answer any questions you may have.

You can buy any one individual postback file for the CPA company you want to use on your website for only $3 or purchase all 4 for just $10! It will save you the hassle and expense of hiring a coder to do it for you.

Contact me through the email listed in my sidebar here or leave a comment with your info, if you are interested. Have a great week!

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Leadbolt Payment Proof

Here is a screenshot of my Leadbolt payment proof which I just received today via bank wire. I’m used to scanning a check or taking a shot of my Paypal account, so this one proved to be a bit tricky to put together in one picture. In the interest of honesty and transparency I wanted to show all that I could, so this image is actually put together from 3 other shots.

The top part shows the date range and I joined them on June 30th. It would have been impractical and too long to show every single day for 2 months, so I have the first week showing and then I cut to the total at the bottom of $619.04 USD. They pay on net15 terms, so payday was yesterday, but it took 1 business day to be processed by my bank. They also pay every month, but this one is 2 months because I only entered my banking details a few days ago. The final amount that was wired to my account was $594.81 after the deduction of the bank’s wiring fees.

Leadbolt is a CPA network recently seen as a Cpalead alternative for those webmasters with movie sites or TV shows and game download sites, after Cpalead began removing the better surveys for publishers with those kinds of websites. Also, Leadbolt allows adult content as well, so that’s a plus if you have that kind of site.

After experimenting with their content locker for a few weeks on a couple of my own sites you can see the results for yourself. A total of 577 leads equaled $619, so that’s a bit over $1 a lead I made. Not bad. The only thing I really don’t like with them is the lack of configuration options available. It’s easy to add the gateway to your site, but there’s no tease timer or customization options. I’d like to at least add a bit of text to customize it for my own content, as right now everything is very generic and the same for all niches. I think they are working on this in the future though.

Sign up to Leadbolt if you have a website that is worth completing an CPA offer to access and you want to monetize it in that way. I recommend it!!

Update: They now have full configuration options with timers, custom texts, etc…yay!!

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Gwallet Payment Proof

Here is a scan of my Gwallet payment proof from a check I just received yesterday in the amount of $694.92

I mentioned a couple months ago that I started using Gwallet as a replacement for Offerpal surveys on my reward sites after Offerpalmedia ripped me off for over $3000 they owed to me without giving any explanation or response at all. There’s nothing worse than for any network or company to leave you in the dark about what’s going on and, since they’ve never responded to ANY of the support emails I sent, I still have no idea what happened. VERY unprofessional.

So, I went looking for an alternative that also had a virtual currency offerwall and I found Gwallet. The thing that impressed me right away was the open communication with them. My questions were always answered promptly and professionally. There was also a phone interview that was pleasant and friendly.

They work very closely with their publishers to make sure everything runs smoothly and they have strong anti fraud checks in place, which is very important when running a survey site because members WILL try to rip you off, unfortunately. The affiliate manager lets me know when any of my website users are trying to pull a scam, so that I can swiftly ban them from my network, and I like that we can co-operate with each other to keep everything as clean as possible.

Too many of the other CPA networks will deduct any fraudulent leads from your account without even telling you what users they came from, so I have no idea who to delete from my site! Gwallet did deduct a little over $200 for bad leads (the original amount was over $900), which is fair and in their right to do so, but at least they told me where they came from, so I could take action against those users.

My point being that transparency is extremely important when dealing with CPA offer networks. You want to choose a company that has a solid history of good communication and timely payments, and they have that! They also have a great looking offer wall, which is a nice bonus.

On a side note, I had to create a postback file for the “myvouchergeek” script that worked with the Gwallet callback system. It occurred to me that other people may need this same php file and instructions, so I now offer it for only $3 to anyone who needs it, which will save them from hiring a coder to do it. Contact me through the email listed in the sidebar if you wish to purchase it.

Have a great day!!

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Offerpal Earnings – $4500 In 4 Weeks!!

For the past couple of months I’ve been earning a steady $200+ a day online ($561 was my best one so far this year) and I wanted to show an example of a recent 4 week period of income showing that. The picture here is a scan of 2 Offerpal earnings checks back-to-back (they pay every 2 weeks) in the amount of $4493.44 earned with them.

That’s from just ONE network. Once I add all the other CPA networks and affiliate programs I earn from online, the figure averages the $200 mark almost daily for this most recent time frame. Again, as I’ve stated in the past, I’m not telling you this for bragging rights, but rather to stress the point that ANYONE can acheive this, including YOU!!

FAR too many people are stuck in some dead end program without realizing the amount they COULD be making, if only they changed their way of thinking. We’ve all heard the phrase “think outside the box”, and many people believe that quitting their 9-5 to work online is doing just that. The problem is that the first thing they do online is start promoting some generic affiliate page that everyone else is promoting and then they give up 3 months later after making maybe 10 bucks, or nothing.

STOP DOING THAT!!!!!!!! I’m telling you right now, from my experience and the wisdom I’ve gained online that you will NOT make anything significant from promoting someone else’s program and making THEM rich!! You may as well stay at your 9 to 5 job if you’re going to do that!

Someone on the LR forum just yesterday asked how many programs others were promoting and he proudly stated he joined 10 of them. There’s another person who will be gone in a few months, frustrated after making 6 dollars a month online. My response was that the REAL money is in OWNING the sites, not joining what others have made!

Let me give you an example. There are many social networking sites out there that offer money for you to join and promote them. Sites like Peoplestring and Yuwie became popular fast because it sounds great to get “paid for doing what you do anyway, such as read emails, make friends, etc”…blah, blah, blah…

The problem is that you’re not REALLY doing what you would normally do, as you are actually spending time specifically on their sites, making pennies, and promoting more gateway pages that everyone has already seen before, so after a few months you notice you’ve only made a few dollars. That time could have been spent making far more running your OWN social site instead of making the owners of PS et al rich!

So, now you’re thinking “I can’t do that!!”…sure you can! Yes, the above sites cost a lot to build, and I’m not suggesting sinking your life savings into that. I’m merely trying to get you to THINK differently. There are many social networking website builders that you can use that are FREE, such as the Dolphin community software and various Youtube clones to build a video network complete with profiles and commenting enabled for YOUR site members…yes, YOUR SITE!!

Like any site you start, be sure to base it around a niche and do the proper keyword research to get the SEO right. Build your site around a community of people who love sharing recipes, or how about a dating site for people who like a certain TV show? What about a video sharing site with cute puppy tricks? The possibilities are endless!! THINK!!!!!!!

The formula to success here is simple: Create a social niche site, then put some CPA offers and affiliate banners on it and you’ll have earnings checks like mine in no time! Plus, you’ll be promoting your own website for a change, so every hour you put into it is for yourself and not to benefit someone else!


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