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Free Hostgator Coupons

It’s obvious that you need your own website to get ahead of the competition when trying to earn money online because you need to be able to control your content to set yourself apart from all the similiar affiliate pages competing for everyone’s attention. You need to be unique in any way possible.

I’ve written an article explaining a simple approach to setting yourself apart from the rest, called “Learn to Earn Money Online Now“. Please read that first on this page.

The basic idea is to create a blog on paid hosting where you have complete control over content, meta tags, ad placements, etc. This will attract search engines to your keywords which, in turn, will bring targeted traffic for your affiliate products and promotions (or to your own stuff, if you make your own).

The purpose of this post is simply to provide another Hostgator.com promo code in case the article link is removed anytime in the future. There are a couple of free Hostgator coupons listed there and here is a bonus one that never expires:


Apply the above promo code word at checkout for 1 cent hosting on the “Baby” plan for the 1st month and get started on the road to success for almost nothing!

Stop promoting those same gateway pages that everyone else is doing and start branding yourself as a business! You’ll be glad you did when you notice the higher profits and easy traffic coming in!

Leave your competitors in the dust!! 🙂

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Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

Today’s post goes back to the basics because sometimes it seems so obvious that people actually miss it. You NEED a web site host if you are truly going to succeed online. Yes, there are lots of free hosts out there, but they can only take you so far. These services are great for “testing the waters” or trying out an idea before investing any money, but you’re going to need unlimited bandwidth hosting if you ever want to make it big on the internet!

Why? Because to earn money online you want to be taken seriously, and that comes from having your own domain on paid hosting. There is only so much you can do by going the freebie route and there are many drawbacks, such as not being able to control your own advertising space, limited design potential with “cookie cutter” templates and, most importantly, being on a subdomain (ie. yourusername.weebly.com) limits your ability to do well in the search engine results, since you are not on your own top level domain (TLD).

I learned this myself the hard way. I had a few websites when I started years ago that were hosted free and they were not doing well in the SE’s (Google buried them), so after 4 or 5 months of going nowhere I decided to take the plunge and ordered Hostgator unlimited bandwidth hosting for just 10 bucks and to this day it was the best decision I’ve ever made online.

Their hosting packages include easy installation of many scripts to give you a professional design and presentation, such as full blown site layouts, WordPress and other blog software and forums, plus informative webstats and your very own email address (which is miles better sounding than a Hotmail one!). It simply elevates you to the next level of success at a very low cost.

Literally, within 2-4 weeks all my sites then started moving up the search results page and I was rewarded with many page one top 10 listings! I was now being taken seriously as an online business (because that’s what a website is!) and I’ve been successfully creating profitable sites ever since that time. You can too, really!!

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