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Revadsnetwork Third Payment

Got another payment from Revadsnetwork (RAN) and they’ve FINALLY upgraded their servers to handle all the traffic, so now everything is running fast and smooth. They still offer the best advertising value and they are the only revshare site that has outlasted and outlived all the rest that have fallen recently. They intend to be around for a long time.

Copied from my email:

*** Great News ! ***

You have successfully received money from a registered SolidTrust
Pay member! Keep this email as your receipt.

From STPay member email: admin@revadsnetwork.com
From STPay username: lordzskull
Transaction ID Number: 2762xxxxx
Amount: 15.48


I’m looking forward to many more!

Join Revadsnetwork here

Have a great week!

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Revadsnetwork Payment Proof

revadsnetwork payment proof

I received my first payout from Revadsnetwork a few days ago, but had to leave town for a concert on the weekend and forgot to post the payment proof here before leaving. The screenshot shows their deposit entry directly into my Solidtrustpay (STP) account.

Rev Ads Network is still earning the highest daily percentages for me, although there was a slowdown for a couple of days while they upgraded their server, as it was slow as molasses going uphill. The new one is much faster and the advertising bundle you get with each $2.50 purchase is a tremendous value, especially if you have an MMO or Bizopp link to promote. You get 2000 banner impressions, 1000 text ads, 100 login ad credits, 100 solo ad credits, as well as 80 for your Youtube links, for each position you buy.

Click here to join RevAdsNetwork now, and don’t forget to check out my bonus refback offer here!

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER (because I feel it’s needed): Earned amount shown may not be typical for everyone, as some people do nothing, so they earn nothing. Any earnings shown on my blog ARE typical for me because I choose to be proactive and DO something with the sites I join. I earn a full time living online due to this motivation factor, and YOU can too, IF you are motivated to earn money online. ‘Nuff said.

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RevAdsNetwork Referral Cashback Offer

I ended up joining several revenue sharing PTA sites to see which one works best for me personally and, while AdHitProfits seems to be the most stable with long term sustainability, Rev Ads Network (RevAdsNetwork or RAN for short) is currently the best. With a very low entry level of only $2.50 per position, it seems to be the easiest for everyone to join to be able to see what all the new fuss is about with the PTA (Paid To Advertise) revshare model.

With that in mind, I’m offering a bonus incentive to join because I think it’s worth checking out. So, for anyone who joins through this post and purchases a 10 position pack (only 25 bucks) I will give them 10% cash back for being my referral. That’s like getting an extra position FREE!! You would earn 150% PLUS the bonus 10% AND continuous DAILY earnings, if you choose to continue in the program. It’s a great introductory deal!

To qualify you simply need to join Revadsnetwork here and then contact me through the email shown in the sidebar of this blog with the name and email you joined with, along with either your Payza email or SolidTrustPay ID (whichever one you used for RAN) and I will send your ref cashback (RCB) within 24-48 hours. (Site may be slow to load due to heavy traffic, so please give it a minute. Thanks)


NOTE: I am limiting the amount of signups to this offer so that only serious people can benefit, as I have no time for tire kickers. I’ll start with 10 9 6 3 and update as others have signed up.

To your continued success!!

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