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Thoughts On All The New Domain Extensions

It’s impossible not to notice all the buzz about the recent proliferation of new domain extensions added to the market. Ya know…those ones that end like .gift, .photo, .tools, .company, .farm, .marketing, .club, .ceo, .recipes, .technology, .ventures, .ninja, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, and my own personal fave, .guru (insert rolling eyes smiley here).

While it’s clearly a virtual payday for domainers, I’m not so sure about the rest of us. It seems to me that the ability (or lack thereof) of finding good domain names to register had gotten difficult to the point where something had to be done. Basically, all the good .com names were taken, so the solution was to create different extensions so that everyone has a shot at the domain name they really want.

Can’t get “makemoneyonline.com”? Then why not get “makemoneyonline.enterprises” instead! (It’s available, BTW)

Is this a good thing? I don’t think so. Yes, you can get a name you want easier, but 2 things come to mind as potential problems…

1. If you want to brand your name or business, are you going to register EVERY available extension??? There are DOZENS, and still growing, plus country TLD’s to consider as well, plus some of them, such as .rich cost 100’s of dollars. It would take a small fortune to renew these year after year!

2. How will this affect SEO strategies and SERP ranking? It’s difficult enough trying to rank a site in Google, much less having an avalanche of new sites fighting to be on page one. Yes, site age is a ranking factor, so the new sites will have an uphill battle, but eventually some will take hold and become competitors to existing, well established websites.

If someone wants to rank for a competitive, one word keyword, they can now create 30+ one word domains that were previously impossible, especially for generic keywords. Yes, I’m well aware there are many ranking factors to consider, but there’s no denying this will create an interesting (or frustrating) battlefield in the future SERP. Let the games begin!

I’m going to end this topic with a call to anyone reading here to post a comment on their own thoughts about this situation. Let’s start a case study! Specifically, have you seen any of the new domain extensions ranking in the search engines yet? Do you have any of them yourself? What has been your experience using them and have you ranked any in the SERP yet?

Let everyone know!! (no spamming please…make a relevant comment to be approved. Thanks!)

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SEOclerks Affiliate Store Script

SEOclerks has an awesome affiliate program where you get 10% of all sales for the life of the buyer FOREVER. That’s a pretty sweet deal! However, you’ll need a good script to create a store that looks pleasant and well organized.

I recommend using the best affiliate store script found right on SEO clerks, as it looks great and has customizable features such as category configuration and good sized thumbnail images.

You can view a full website demo of it here (owned by a friend of mine). Check out the screenshots below:


As you can see, it’s very clean looking and not ugly and cluttered like others I’ve seen. So, ready to earn good money online?

CLICK HERE to go to the script sales page now!

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Fiverr Payment Proof – Over 10k So Far!

fiverr payment proofI had mentioned a few times before about earning some money online through the microjobs site Fiverr.com, but hadn’t posted any payment proof screenshots, so here you go.

I’ve earned over $10,000 so far and have gone through all the 3 levels available as a seller, so I’m at a bit of a plateau right now with nowhere really to go from here.

As a tip to potential sellers I suggest creating as many gigs as possible (currently 20 are allowed) that relate to your skills with variations on the title and gig description. Don’t forget to make good use of the extras listings as well!

I’ve also just recently started trying out a Fiverr alternative, called the SEOclerks marketplace, a couple days ago and have already had some sales, so I’ll update everyone in a future post for that one. Wish me luck!

Both places are also great for buyers looking for affordable low cost SEO services and website promotion to help you with SERP and PR ranking. You can browse the current listings from my clerks page here.

All the best to your success!!

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Another Clickbank Payment Proof Check Scan

I’ve been paid by Clickbank many times, mostly for game guides sales as both an affiliate and as a vendor, but my last payment proof post was 2 years ago here and I posted it just to show that they are legit and I was paid. However, recently there was a forum thread asking if they were still paying and if anyone was still making money there.

The answer is, of course, YES, and so I decided to make an updated post showing a scan of my most recent check as proof that I still earn with Clickbank. The amount is $132.55 for the past 2 weeks, as they pay bi-weekly. It’s not riches, but just one of the many networks and revenue streams I use to earn money online.

I’d also like to add that CB significantly improved their marketplace listings in 2013 and is not as full of the spammy crap that had turned off a lot of people years ago. Yes, there is still a lot of overhyped product pages there, but it’s improved somewhat and there are many good things to promote there now, if you know what to look for.

Good luck in your search and happy earnings!!

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