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Adscendmedia Payment Proof

I got paid by the CPA network Adscendmedia last month and forgot to post my payment proof, so here it is. The average lead payout is around 85 cents and they have a great looking adwall and other resource tools to boost your revenue. My account manager is helpful too, which is a big plus when using any network.

adscendmedia payment proof

You can signup as a publisher to make money with Adscend by clicking HERE.

Don’t forgot to look at the individual offers they have, as finding one to match your own audience is the key to success when using any CPA methods. If you need help finding working methods, then try checking out the best CPA forum here. There are many good ones posted.

As always, be sure to have several income streams flowing, so that you always have money coming in…never put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. Adscendmedia is just ONE of my several monthly income sources, but they are good and pay on time, so I do recommend checking them out.

To your success!!

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Earn Money At The CpaHero Forum

I recently joined a forum where you get paid to post called CPAHero. To be honest, I usually hate these kinds of forums and avoid them because they are spam magnets for low quality posts from people looking to earn a buck posting all day. This is the ONLY site of its kind that I recommend joining because the content there is actually quite valuable.

Being skeptical at first, I looked around to find several sections full of information on money making niches, methods, step-by-step guides and other resources. They are handing you the keys to success AND paying you a bit along the way.

You earn 10 cents per quality post (no crap) that you can either cashout or put towards unlocking valuable content there, including some great webmaster tools for download. All the best content I’ve seen so far only costs 10 cents or 25 cents to unlock, so really you can earn it with just a couple of posts.

I’m not posting this as a way to earn money itself, as you wouldn’t make much more than at a PTC, but what you get out of the information there is FAR more important. I can’t stress this enough: If you are struggling to find WAYS to earn money online, then join CPAHero here and LEARN now. You won’t regret it.

I’ve been earning online for YEARS and yet I’m learning new techniques there. Awesome! See you there!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Cpahero no longer offers cash for posting, as it was attracting far too many spammers and low quality posts. Instead, they now give points for posts, which you can use to unlock valuable content, such as money making methods and ebooks, website scripts, WordPress themes and more. Get lots of great stuff free just for contributing to one of the fastest growing MMO forums online. I’m also now a mod there, so stop by and say hi!

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Gwallet Earnings Proof Updated

I must say that I was surprised to get this check, as I thought the Gwallet CPA network had forgotten about me. I posted awhile ago that I was owed some Gwallet earnings but due to a transparency issue, I thought they were lost.

Well, here is the proof that they finally paid me, in the form of the last check from November payments in the amount of $1471.35

I tip my hat to them…thanks!

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MyVoucherGeek CPA Postback Files

This is just a quick post to let people know that I’m offering to sell the postback files I’ve created for the following CPA networks: Gwallet, Offerpal (now called “Tapjoy”), Matomy and Sponsorpay. These will ONLY work with the “MyVoucherGeek” reward script, which comes with the Cpalead postback.php file by default, and many rewards site owners aren’t even aware that you can use OTHER ad networks with this script as well!

These postback files were modified by me to each work with their respective CPA network callback parameters and I include instructions for setting it up, which is very straightforward. I’m also here to answer any questions you may have.

You can buy any one individual postback file for the CPA company you want to use on your website for only $3 or purchase all 4 for just $10! It will save you the hassle and expense of hiring a coder to do it for you.

Contact me through the email listed in my sidebar here or leave a comment with your info, if you are interested. Have a great week!

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