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Cpalead Earnings Check

Here is another Cpalead earnings check that I scanned but forgot to post until now. I get paid every single month from them, but I don’t always remember to scan it, so that’s why I’ve only posted 2 so far. This one is for well over $600!

Their payment threshold is a very low $50, which is ridiculously easy to make and that means a nice extra monthly income with little effort. Isn’t that what we all want? YES!! Of course it is!!

Oh, and forget everything I said in the past about Cpalead being difficult to get into, because now they have INSTANT approval! That’s right! Every application is now automatic, so if you apply to Cpalead right away you can be literally earning money by the end of the day!

I can already see the dollar signs in your eyes…go for it!!! lol

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Cpalead Payment Proof

As promised, here is my Cpalead payment proof in the form of a scan of my latest check for $441.72 USD (as referenced in my monthy online earnings post). The vast majority of this comes from just a couple of main sites that I have their survey offers on right now, but I’m launching a few new ones, so I expect to hit $1k a month early in the new year.

UPDATE: See a newer earnings check from them here!

Cpalead is an easy way to make money online without selling anything because it’s CPA lead (cost per action) based and not through any sales commissions payout structure. Therefore, you don’t have the usual concerns about sale ratios and conversion rates. All you have to do is give your website visitors something for free and you get paid! If you don’t have a product to offer as a freebie already, then simply get a cheap PLR item or anything with reseller or giveaway rights and use that.

It’s really easy to do and, as always, anyone who signs up under my own Cpalead affiliate page can email me at any time to get mentoring at no charge until you are earning on your own each month. You can’t lose with that deal!

You WILL succeed if you try!!
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CPA Lead Network Program

For those of you living under a rock and completely out of the loop, I’m about to tell you THE hottest way to monetize a website and it’s content that there is on the internet right now! The method is called CPA offers, which means “Cost Per Action”, and it usually comes in the form of a survey or simple email submit that visitors fill out on your site.

The huge advantage to these offers is that they don’t involve any selling at all. You are simply providing leads to well known companies who pay for each lead you provide to them. That’s it. No worrying about sales ratios or conversions and, best of all, it’s recession proof!

To get started in this lucrative field, you need to join a good cpa lead network program that will provide you with offer surveys that are fun and your visitors will actually WANT to fill out. They will use a gateway to your site content that has the survey in it, so this works best if you have content that surfers can’t easily find somewhere else. The type of sites that do well are movie and tv show sites, wallpapers, music, ebook and script downloads and really any type of unique content that you can offer them.

The CPA Lead incentive program works perfect because you can use your content as incentives for visitors to fill out your surveys to get to it. Most other networks won’t allow incentivized offers, but they do, and it works great! You can easily make 10 times more per day than you ever would with a standard PPC monetization! Plus, you don’t need loads of traffic to make money, like you do with CPM and the like.

I’ll leave you with a “real world” example for you to think about. Let’s say you have a website with a great ebook that you have been giving away free with your own email submit form to capture emails for your own use. Now, try just changing it to a direct download link, but with a cpa gateway to it instead. Your surfer is then presented with a quick and fun quiz to fill out about their favorite drink (or similar question), which they fill out in only a few seconds and are then rewarded with your ebook. They get the download for free, so they’re still happy, and you get an average of $1 per submit, so you’ve made money!

Even with only a few visitors a day it’s pretty much impossible NOT to make money everyday! The only “catch” is that, since these programs are so lucrative, everyone and his grandma is trying to get in, but they only accept certain quality sites, so the approval rate is low. If you do get rejected when you first apply then just try offering more content and apply again. It’s worth the effort, believe me! Good luck!

UPDATED: They now instantly approve everyone, so JOIN CPALEAD and start making money today!!

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