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Leadbolt Payment Proof

Here is a screenshot of my Leadbolt payment proof which I just received today via bank wire. I’m used to scanning a check or taking a shot of my Paypal account, so this one proved to be a bit tricky to put together in one picture. In the interest of honesty and transparency I wanted to show all that I could, so this image is actually put together from 3 other shots.

The top part shows the date range and I joined them on June 30th. It would have been impractical and too long to show every single day for 2 months, so I have the first week showing and then I cut to the total at the bottom of $619.04 USD. They pay on net15 terms, so payday was yesterday, but it took 1 business day to be processed by my bank. They also pay every month, but this one is 2 months because I only entered my banking details a few days ago. The final amount that was wired to my account was $594.81 after the deduction of the bank’s wiring fees.

Leadbolt is a CPA network recently seen as a Cpalead alternative for those webmasters with movie sites or TV shows and game download sites, after Cpalead began removing the better surveys for publishers with those kinds of websites. Also, Leadbolt allows adult content as well, so that’s a plus if you have that kind of site.

After experimenting with their content locker for a few weeks on a couple of my own sites you can see the results for yourself. A total of 577 leads equaled $619, so that’s a bit over $1 a lead I made. Not bad. The only thing I really don’t like with them is the lack of configuration options available. It’s easy to add the gateway to your site, but there’s no tease timer or customization options. I’d like to at least add a bit of text to customize it for my own content, as right now everything is very generic and the same for all niches. I think they are working on this in the future though.

Sign up to Leadbolt if you have a website that is worth completing an CPA offer to access and you want to monetize it in that way. I recommend it!!

Update: They now have full configuration options with timers, custom texts, etc…yay!!

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