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Thoughts On All The New Domain Extensions

It’s impossible not to notice all the buzz about the recent proliferation of new domain extensions added to the market. Ya know…those ones that end like .gift, .photo, .tools, .company, .farm, .marketing, .club, .ceo, .recipes, .technology, .ventures, .ninja, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, and my own personal fave, .guru (insert rolling eyes smiley here).

While it’s clearly a virtual payday for domainers, I’m not so sure about the rest of us. It seems to me that the ability (or lack thereof) of finding good domain names to register had gotten difficult to the point where something had to be done. Basically, all the good .com names were taken, so the solution was to create different extensions so that everyone has a shot at the domain name they really want.

Can’t get “makemoneyonline.com”? Then why not get “makemoneyonline.enterprises” instead! (It’s available, BTW)

Is this a good thing? I don’t think so. Yes, you can get a name you want easier, but 2 things come to mind as potential problems…

1. If you want to brand your name or business, are you going to register EVERY available extension??? There are DOZENS, and still growing, plus country TLD’s to consider as well, plus some of them, such as .rich cost 100’s of dollars. It would take a small fortune to renew these year after year!

2. How will this affect SEO strategies and SERP ranking? It’s difficult enough trying to rank a site in Google, much less having an avalanche of new sites fighting to be on page one. Yes, site age is a ranking factor, so the new sites will have an uphill battle, but eventually some will take hold and become competitors to existing, well established websites.

If someone wants to rank for a competitive, one word keyword, they can now create 30+ one word domains that were previously impossible, especially for generic keywords. Yes, I’m well aware there are many ranking factors to consider, but there’s no denying this will create an interesting (or frustrating) battlefield in the future SERP. Let the games begin!

I’m going to end this topic with a call to anyone reading here to post a comment on their own thoughts about this situation. Let’s start a case study! Specifically, have you seen any of the new domain extensions ranking in the search engines yet? Do you have any of them yourself? What has been your experience using them and have you ranked any in the SERP yet?

Let everyone know!! (no spamming please…make a relevant comment to be approved. Thanks!)

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Website Page Rank Checker

While surfing around the forums I constantly see threads from people asking how to check their website page rank. There’s also the confusion between page rank (PR), SERP and Alexa ranking. Here is a clarification for all of my readers who may still be confused about all of this.

PR, or Page Rank, is assigned to a website by Google based on backlinks to your site. These links to your site act as a kind of voting system to determine how popular your site is among all the others and its ranked on a scale from 1 to 10. Contrary to many who argue this in the forums, PR is NOT about getting as many backlinks as possible! If you buy into those “blast of” type scams then you are just throwing your money away. It’s important to realize that your Page Rank is determined by QUALITY over quantity. A handful of good backlinks from authority sites will raise your ranking MUCH higher than 1000’s of useless ones from a “bad neighborhood”.

SERP is simply your position on the Search Engine Results Page. Are you in position #1 on the first page of results for your keywords? Good for you!! Also contrary to popular myth, your SERP position has NOTHING to do with your PR! Do a search for ANY keyword or phrase in a search engine and you’ll find that each website listed in the results has a different page rank. The site in SERP position #1 is NOT necessarily going to be the one with the highest PR.

Alexa Rank is based more on your website traffic. If you have a lot of visitors then your ranking with be lower (better) then when you started. This is a rank showing your position among all the other sites on the net, according to traffic stats. The site with the most traffic has an Alexa of 1, while a site just starting out with only a couple of hits a day will be something like 24 million. This used to be determined by the Alexa Toolbar, which users installed in the browser while surfing sites, but they changed that a few months ago and now bring other factors into it to bring a more realistic formula in determining a site’s ranking.

They are several places on the net where you can check these various rankings for your site, but the one I recommend most is Site Rank Checker simply because it brings all these ranks together on one easy to read page. I hope your site rans well! All the best to you…

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